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Monday, November 5, 2012

My love for horses developed early on in life. My family members say I gravitated towards horse figurines, books, pictures, and clothing when I was only months old. So, naturally, they threw me up on a pony when I was a year old. Much to their surprise, I outgrew ponies by the ripe age of two; therefore, they found me a horse instead. I had a knack for horses, and because my mom and aunt grew up owning, riding, and showing horses, horsemanship was in my blood.

Mom and I were going through some old pictures the other day and I kid you not, 80% of them were pictures of me with horses. So what did I do? I "Instagrammed" them, to give them a vintage effect, because let's face it. That was twenty years ago!

Over the years, I have owned several horses and ponies - one I saved from a slaughter house, one I got for Christmas, and one I got for my birthday. It was a girl's dream, I tell ya! Did I mention they lived in my backyard? It was heaven looking out my window and seeing tails swishing and hearing friendly whinnies. I showed for a few years, here and there, and I still have a shoe box of ribbons in my closet that serve as sweet reminders. Once I applied for UT, my dad felt it was necessary to find loving homes for my fur friends. I wouldn't be at home to take care of them, and I certainly couldn't afford to board them on campus. So I said my farewells. I still kick myself for agreeing to that, because I ended up not living on campus, after all. I still come across some old halters, brushes, bridles, and hoof-picks in the shed. They bring back so many fond memories of me trotting around the backyard, riding across the street and into the lake for a bath, and even sitting on the hay bale while they ate. I just loved the company of a horse. 

I know that I will own horses again in the future. I dream of buying a house with a few acres, so I can fence it all in and let horses roam my front yard. I will rekindle my passion for riding, because it's one of the biggest parts of who I am. I miss it. I love it. I will do it again, someday.

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  1. I also love horses! I use to have on when i was young and oh how i miss her! I love looking at all these pictures so cute! Hopefully one day soon you can get one!

  2. Growing up, I always wanted a horse but never got one because we didn't have the acreage. But one day I want a farm full of just rescue dogs and horses :)
    Have a great day, friend!

    {Southern Living, Our Way ~}

  3. I had horses growing up as well! I had to sell both of them when I moved for college and I really miss having a horse. I rode at a few stables now and then during college, but It's definitely not the same. One day I'll he them again too. Did you ever compete?

  4. Golly the more I read your blog the more I realize how much I relate to you! I owned a horse growing up as well and was so bummed when the farm we kept her on had to sell and I couldn't keep her. I kept riding on occasion. It's on my list of hobbies I want to make time for and get back into though.


I love you guys.