Friday Finds 3/29


I can buy for my mom and sister all day long. Friends, too. But buying for my dad and Sam is challenging. I feel like everything they truly want has a motor, and well.. that's expensive.
But I have lucked out a time or two -- so here are my Friday Finds "buying gifts for men" version.

I have a few speakers around the house. It's nice to have them in more than one room. So for the best sound for a good price, this is where it's at. 

I suppose a woman's love for purses translates into tool bags for men. Because Sam always appreciates just one more! I will say, the roll up feature makes it handy for transporting. Oh, and Sam said the zippered pockets make organization easier!

Enough said. 

Yeti Dry Pack | 49.99

Worth every penny! I can't take credit for this pick, though. My brother-in-law gifted one of these to Sam for his birthday and we used it throughout summer: on the boat, at the beach, and by the pool. It's durably made, with enough room to keep your personals completely dry and secure.

Qalo Ring | 24.95 (but varies)

I thought this was going to be a fad, but after much time Sam and I looked into one of these. As much as he works with his hands outside, with chemicals, operating tools and heavy machinery, this just made sense. It comes in several colors.

This stocking stuffer last year was a hit. My honey to-do list is never ending; most of it requires hanging shelves or pictures. This comes in handy!! And if you're curious, yes it holds the nails and bits just fine!

There are cheaper versions of this, however, the quality of this is phenomenal. It's soft and supple, with a vintage look to it. Very masculine! It's just the right size for Sam's travel toiletries. 

This one may not appease all, but you never know! Sam travels for work - so he spends a lot of time in his car - and a lot of his work accounts require different equipment. This helps him keep everything organized and at his reach for the day-to-day. It also makes it easy to move when we use his truck to go anywhere.

This is one of my favorites. Its designed specifically for the make/model of your carry weapon. It's sturdy, and because it's custom, your handgun will fit nice and snug in it's holstered position.

This is such a versatile gift -- for your dad, husband, boss, in-law. You name it, I've gifted it. The engraving looks just as pictured!! Has assisted opening, stainless steel blade, seat belt cutter, and window breaker. Ladies, this is for you too! Keep in your console, or in your purse for safety measures!

Hope this helps! Happy shopping!!